East End Conference: Friday, June 25, 2014, 3- 7:30 PM

With more than 70% of households on septic systems and cesspools, Suffolk County faces tremendous obstacles with respect to clean water. Learn more about the County’s clean water challenges and solutions at APA Long Island’s Annual East End Conference on Friday, June 25.

On June 25th, the APA Long Island Section will hold its annual East End Conference, starting at 3:00 PM, at Long Island Aquarium, 431 E Main St, Riverhead, NY 11901(see directions).  Please join us for our tw0-session conference with dinner and optional pre-conference “Behind Scenes Tour of Aquarium”.  To sponsor this event or to buy tickets, please scrawl down.


Behind the Scenes of LI Aquarium

Joseph Yaiullo,  Curator/Co-Founder LI Aquarium

As an introduction to East End Conference, the “behind the scenes” tour of LI Aquarium will start the day by emphasizing the importance of marine life and environmental conservation and preservation.  Atlantis Marine World’s mission is to provide visitors with an interactive and exciting educational experience, and water quality presents the biggest challenge for any aquarium. The creatures small and big depend on it.  Joseph Yaiullo Curator/Co-Founder, one of the world’s most highly…

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