Wed. 6/18/2014 Long Island Storm Recovery Seminar for Clergy

Often, ministers, rabbi and other clergy are the true “first responders” after a disaster — in part because of their close ties to the community, including knowledge of who in the community is most vulnerable. Moreover, now a year and a half after Super Storm Sandy, community religious leaders often know who still needs assistance and have a unique opportunity to help educate community members about available resources.

Recognizing this, Michael Raab, Nassau County Sandy Storm Recovery Liaison, has asked that the following announcement be forwarded to clergy of all faiths:

Long Island Storm Recovery Seminar for Clergy

At Hofstra University Law School

121 Hofstra University, Koppelman Hall (South of Hempstead Turnpike on California Avenue on the West side of the street.)


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

From 1:30pm to 3:30pm in Room 308


Mental Health Resources

Disaster Case Managers

Emergency Financial Assistance

Support Groups

Housing Assistance

What is NYRising? Process…

Flood Insurance Challenges

Legal Counseling Services

Food, Clothing and Furniture

Office of Emergency Management

Volunteers for today and tomorrow

Please share this flyer with all Clergy you know!

PLEASE RSVP: or call 516-572-1395


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