NYMSC 2015 Conference “Protecting our Coastal Environments: The Outlook for Green and Gray Solutions”

Interested in “green” and “gray” solutions to coastal resilience? You won’t want to miss the upcoming New York Marine Sciences Consortium Annual Meeting:

Protecting our Coastal Environments: The Outlook for Green and Gray Solutions

24 October 2015
SUNY Maritime College

Our coastal environment is increasingly threatened by over-development, harmful algal blooms, destructive storm surges and rising sea level. Two broad approaches to these threats have been proposed: “Green” solutions that seek to use vegetation or organisms to improve water quality and protect coastlines, and “Gray” solutions that use hard structures and storm barriers. These two approaches are often viewed as mutually exclusive.

The purpose of the 2015 NYMSC conference is to provide a forum where diverse perspectives on green and gray solutions can be presented and discussed. The program brings together experts from the conservation communities, government environmental agencies, academic scientists, and the professional engineering community. Sessions will focus on regulatory and economic aspects of coastal protection and present several examples of both green and gray infrastructure projects. The diversity of ideas and opinions will be discussed and argued in an afternoon debate. You can register here.

And, save the date for the Land Use & Sustainable Development Institute’s second annual spring conference,  which will focus on “Resilience Oriented Development” — with particular attention on wastewater management.

Second Annual Long Island Coastal Resilience Summit

Resilience Oriented Development

Friday, March 11, 2016


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